Steve Perry Signs To New Record Label And Is “Working On Stuff”


Ex-Journey vocalist Steve Perry revealed that he is working on new material and has signed to an undisclosed record label. “I just signed with a new label,” Perry told Rolling Stone. “I’m very excited about it, and I’ll have an opportunity very soon to work with these very musically creative people. I’ll probably announce who I signed with very soon. I’m excited about that, and I am working on stuff.” When asked why he didn’t tour behind his 2018 comeback album, Traces, Perry explained, “Uncle Steve is up in age, and everybody at this age has some aches and pains and things like that. It’s something that I’m absolutely missing terribly. I can’t even tell you how much, but there’s been a big soulful reclaiming of this original feeling that I had about singing that I needed to get back to.” (Rolling Stone)