Billy Ray Cyrus Files For Restraining Order Against Estranged Wife Firerose


Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce from Firerose just last month, and now the country star has filed an emergency motion in Tennessee court on June 13. Cyrus requests a temporary restraining order on Firerose that prevents his estranged wife from unauthorized use of his finances. Cyrus is alleging that Firerose — real name Johanna Rose Hodges — has spent over $96,000 on unauthorized charges on his business account, which also includes over $70,000 in payments to her attorneys.

“As a result of these fraudulent charges… I am concerned that Ms. Hodges is in possession of other information that she may use to make fraudulent, unauthorized charges to my business and personal credit cards and accounts,” Cyrus wrote in the affidavit. “Throughout the divorce proceedings, the parties are to live as per the status quo during the marriage,” her attorneys responded. “Wife was simply living as she has since 2023, and Husband has no right to cut her off.” (People)