Carly Pearce Responds To Delusional Fans Who Claim She Worships The Devil


Carly Pearce didn’t think she was going to unleash a social media firestorm when she posted celebratory photos on X from her performance at CMA Fest. Most were shots of Pearce and her band on stage, but it was the photo of Carly standing in the parking lot that caused the controversy and confusion. Pearce is standing in stall 668, but many viewers thought it was 666, and accused the country star of being a devil worshiper. Pearce clearly had enough, and shut down those rumors with a follow-up post.

“I’ve seen too many comments about this being some sort of “hint” towards 666 or satan to not comment,” she responds.”First of all, this was the parking spot for my tour bus at CMA fest & I believe it is 668. I am a devout Christian who takes PRIDE in using my platform to point people towards JESUS. So, for anyone wondering… there are absolutely ZERO underlying messages except a girl excited to be playing the big stage.” (Taste Of Country)