Darius Rucker gets personal in new memoir, Lifes Too Short


Darius Rucker‘s getting personal in his new memoir, Life’s Too Short.

Out Tuesday, the book chronicles Darius’ music journey, personal life, frayed relationships with family members and more.

When asked which chapter was most meaningful to him, Darius told NBC’s Today, “The Nanci Griffith chapter that I wrote about my mom when she was in a coma and when she died. Reading that back brought me to tears. That was very meaningful to me. That was most meaningful of all of them.”

In a separate interview with People, Darius also shared how chronicling his frayed relationship with his late father became an unexpected therapeutic, tear-jerking moment.

“When I did write about it, I started thinking about, ‘Wow, that really affected me a lot more than I thought it did.’ Even when I did the audiobook, there were some times where I caught myself holding back tears. Reading those things that affected me so much, but I just pretended they didn’t,” he told People.

“It was very therapeutic for me. It helped me. My therapist got a lot of work for me writing that book. It brought up a lot of stuff that I wanted to deal with. Because I hadn’t dealt with those traumas, I just let them go,” said Darius. “And now I get to deal with them because I wrote that book, and I think about them.”

Life’s Too Short is available wherever you get books now.

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