Darius Rucker Praises Beyoncé For Raising Country Music’s Profile


On Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, Darius Rucker had nothing but praise for Beyoncé and her country-tinged, chart-topping new album, Cowboy Carter. “I can’t express enough how big what she did was because she brought so many eyes to the genre,” Rucker said to the CNN anchor. “One of the things I love about what Beyoncé did is when I started making country music and having hits, I’d have African American women and men come up to me and go, ‘I love country music, it’s just I could never say it.’ And she brought, I think, even more eyes to the genre and more people looking at it and more Black people going ‘Alright man, I like country music.’ I always say I want country music to look more like America and I think she did a lot to make it go that way.” (Entertainment Weekly)