Dylan Scott Has A Provocative Request For Father’s Day


During an interview on Taste of Country Mornings, Dylan Scott revealed that he had a simple as well as a spicy request for Father’s Day. Scott initially downplayed the holiday, “I don’t get into all that. My wife was like, ‘What do you want for Father’s Day?’ I said, ‘Babe, listen to me. I don’t need anything for Father’s Day. If my kids get me something, great. I love it. But just being with ’em that’s all I need.”

Wood jokingly chastised the 33-year old country star and father of three for making all other guys look bad by not asking for nice gifts. That prompted Scott to share this provocative request, “You know what I really told her? And this is TMI right here. I said, ‘Babe if you want to get me something for Father’s Day, you just go get you some kind of nice lingerie or something, and I’m perfectly fine.’ That’s all I need in life.” (Taste of Country)