Luke Combs Releases ‘Fathers & Sons’ Album Just In Time For Father’s Day


On an Instagram post on June 6, Luke Combs surprised his fans by announcing that his highly anticipated new album, Fathers & Sons, was coming out the following week on June 14. Combs’ record finally arrived on Friday, just in time for Father’s Day. His dedicated supporters spent the holiday weekend immersing themselves in the country superstar’s emotional, heartfelt songs about being a dad. “I’ve got two boys under 2, so my life is dominated by the thoughts of being there for them,” Combs said in a new Instagram post. “I want to be their dad first and foremost. I just had to do this project because being a dad to my boys has been the main thing on my mind lately. Being a dad is where life has taken me, and this album is a reflection of that in song form.” (Good Morning America)