Zach Bryan’s Song “Revival” Rejuvenates Teen In ICU After Accident


South Carolina teen Trae Ocheltree was severely injured and unresponsive in the intensive care unit following a nasty car accident. Ocheltree suffered numerous broken bones, lacerations, and a serious brain injury after the car he and his girlfriend were in was struck by another vehicle, causing Trae to be ejected from his truck. To get him to show some signs of life, Ocheltree’s friends played him some of his favorite Zach Bryan songs, including “Revival,” which Trae began responding to. Ocheltree squeezed his friend’s hand and tried to mouth the words to the song, which filled his family with hope that he was slowly on his way to recovery. The family shared the uplifting, heartwarming moment on Facebook. Trae is now on the mend, and the teen was given a gift of the same guitar that Zach Bryan plays to replace the one that was damaged in the car accident. (Taste of Country)