Dua Lipa and Jennifer Lopez are helping set “New Rules” for wedding fashion


Dua Lipa recently turned heads by engaging in what was once believed to be a fashion faux pas: wearing white to another person’s wedding.  But she’s not the only celebrity leading the charge when it comes to changing this outdated “rule.”

The singer shared a series of photos of her attending the wedding of fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus and his partner, Marco Maestri, and jaws dropped over Dua’s all-white attire. That’s because it’s long been believed it’s inappropriate for guests to wear white to a wedding, out of respect for the bride.  

Jennifer Lopez also disregarded this tradition for her wedding to Ben Affleck, inviting all the guests to wear white. Lifestyle and etiquette expert Elaine Swann says the two stars are simply being fashion-forward.

“We’re seeing a shift in weddings where people are being invited to wear white at weddings, whereas before that was a huge social faux pas,” Swann tells ABC Audio.

The Let Crazy Be Crazy author adds, “We see this with destination weddings. And so this kind of breaking of the chains … of fashion, we’re seeing this in so many different areas of our lives. And that’s why we see this in this instance here.”

Swann is celebrating the fact that these restrictive fashion traditions are falling by the wayside.

“People right now are very free … We do have that free mindset to do what we wish and people push boundaries — they stretch boundaries and move forward,” she said.  

So be aware: When it comes to fashion, there are “New Rules.”  Ask yourself “WWDD” — “What would Dua do?”

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