Gracie Abrams Reveals How Taylor Swift Inspired Her Songwriting


In a new interview with Porter, Gracie Abrams praises her tourmate and collaborator, Taylor Swift. Abrams called Swift, “an unbelievable artist, friend, and mentor,” while also crediting Taylor as, “one of the reasons why I stuck with writing daily.” The Grammy-nominated Abrams has now worked writing into her day to day activities, which will only strengthen her talents as a songwriter. “Now I start to feel like sh*t when I don’t do it. It’s like eating well, getting enough sleep, and drinking enough,” Abrams said about finding time to write on a daily basis. “Writing, for me, is something that helps my brain stay at a baseline calm that is required for me to function at the highest possible level in all the other areas.” Abrams is set to release her highly-anticipated second album, The Secret of Us, on June 21, which will feature a coveted duet with her bestie Swift. (People)