Meghan Trainor begs for American Idol judge job: “Please pick me, choose me, love me”


Meghan Trainor‘s name has been thrown around a bit during discussions of who might be a good pick to judge American Idol now that Katy Perry has left the show. Well, the American Idol people should know that Meghan is just waiting for you to call.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Meghan said judging American Idol is her “dream job.” She added, “Please. I’ve been going everywhere, being like, ‘Hi, American Idol. Please. Choose me to be a coach … or judge. I will be the best. I will give my whole heart and soul. I promise. Please pick me, choose me, love me. I will do everything.”

“I care so much about new artists, too, especially shows like that, because I was too afraid to ever audition for that,” she continued. “So I try to remind them, no matter what level they’re at — if you’re on this show and you auditioned, you win, for being brave enough.”

Meghan recalled that when she was working behind the scenes as a songwriter, her team wanted to sign her up to be on The Voice and she said, “No, thanks. I’m not going.”

Meghan also revealed that she’s on a huge group chat of other showbiz moms — like Natasha Bedingfield, who’s opening for Meghan this fall, Jordin Sparks and comedian Whitney Cummings — who are giving her advice on how to tour with her two young sons.

She noted that the best advice she got was to ask her bus driver if he could affix her baby’s crib to the bus floor so it won’t move around.

Meghan’s new album, Timeless, arrives June 14.

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