Niall Horan Gives Front Row Ticket To Fan Who Manifested MSG Show


Niall Horan’s headlining shows at Madison Square Garden have been a long time coming. In 2022, a fan named Megan tweeted at Horan, “Niall sell out msg I’ll be front row.” Horan responded, “If I could I would.” Before his first MSG show, Horan made sure Megan was front row where she belongs. On TikTok, Horan said, “Tonight is the first of two sold-out shows here at the Garden and I just found out that Megan is here somewhere but she doesn’t have front-row seats. It doesn’t feel right. Let’s see what we can do.” The video cuts to Megan being given a letter from Horan that said, “You promised me you’d be front row if I sold out MSG and here we are…you’re here but not in the front row. We can’t have that now can we? Hope this helps.” A front row ticket was included, and Horan made Megan’s night truly memorable. (People)