Rihanna Ready To Get Back Into The Studio And ‘Start Over’ On New Album


Rihanna dismissed concerns that she’s quitting music after the global superstar was spotted wearing an “I’m retired” t-shirt. “People got triggered with that retired word,” Rihanna joked with Entertainment Tonight during the launch for her Fenty Hair line. “They were like ‘We’re never getting an album now.’ No one read the other line, ‘This is as dressed up as I get."” As for her long-awaited new album, RiRi says she is ready to get back into the studio after taking some time off to focus on her two young children.

“I have been working on the album for so long that I kinda put all that stuff aside and now I’m prepared to go back in the studio,” Rihanna shared. “I’m starting over, but I don’t want to neglect the songs that I have. I actually want to go back and listen to stuff with new ears, with my new perspective and then see what applies and what I’m still in love with.” (Entertainment Tonight)