‘SNL”s Please Don’t Destroy team claims to be “a little bit” responsible for Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce romance


Apparently it takes a village to get two superstars like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce together. Since the two started dating, various people have taken credit for helping them get together, so let’s add another name to the list.

The guys from the Saturday Night Live team Please Don’t Destroy — Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy — appeared on Mike Birbiglia‘s Working It Out podcast, where Marshall claimed to be “a little bit responsible” for the romance. 

“We worked with both Taylor and Travis Kelce, before they got together,” Marshall explained. He was referring to the fact that both stars worked with the group on bits when they were on SNL at different times: Taylor did “Three Sad Virgins,” while Travis did “Self-Defense.”

Marshall continued, “So we — and we can cut this out if you guys don’t want to say this — but she kinda told us that she watched his SNL episode and saw him in our video … and was like, ‘Oh this guy seems funny and sweet,’ so … a little bit brought them together.”

“I was thinking about, like, maybe saying that on Fallon, and then we were like, ‘I think that, if then they ever break up, we will be pinned for causing this disaster,’” Marshall laughed. “It’s just a very precarious situation, because people have such strong feelings about them.”

Birbiglia has a separate connection to Taylor, by the way: He was in the video for “Anti-Hero,” playing one of her children in the will-reading scene.

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