Taylor Swifts Eras Tour list of backstage must-haves for Lisbon shows is allegedly revealed


What are Taylor Swift‘s backstage demands for the Eras Tour? A Portuguese newspaper claims to have found out all the items on the star’s backstage rider for her shows in Lisbon.

According to the newspaper Correio da Manhã — Morning Mail in Portuguese — Taylor asks for her dressing room to be decorated with Swarovski crystals, and requests three boxes of macaroni and cheese, microwave popcorn with butter and a police car with “anti-paparazzi” tinted windows. 

In addition, Taylor reportedly requests that a Starbucks iced tea and a slice of pumpkin bread be delivered to her hotel every day at 11 a.m., plus treats including chocolate milk, grape juice, energy drinks, licorice, tortilla chips and hot sauce, and fresh fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, avocados and oranges. 

All this stuff seems entirely reasonable, except for one particular line item: according to the paper, Taylor also requests “more than a hundred bottles of wine and champagne.” We know that she sings about being a “functioning alcoholic” in “Fortnight,” but that seems a bit excessive — unless all that booze is for her dancers, band and crew, too.

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