AM/FM Radio Beats TV Ratings in 2023


The Nielsen Q3 2023 Total Audience Report has the results for AM/FM Radio and TV, which are shocking.

The following are highlights from the report:

  • Ratings and Demographics
    • People 18-49 years old pulled away from TV to radio with a +12% average audience advantage.
    • AM/FM radio reaches +40% more individuals than TV. Daily time spent with the two is now tied.
    • Half of the general TV audience is over 65.
    • Advertisers estimate that 41% of AM/FM listening happens at drive times.
    • Middays are number one at 26% of total AM/FM radio time spent.
  • Radio Advertisement Revenue
    • Radio advertisements grossed $1.9 billion in 2023, a 6.8% increase from the previous year.
    • The industry’s Compound Annual Growth Rate stands at a strong 6.4%.
    • In 2022, radio stations generated $1.8 billion, a 21.1% increase from 2021.
    • Digital sales contributed 21% of the total ad revenue in 2023.