Attorney General Gentner Drummond Urges Congress to Assist Crime Victims


Attorney General Gentner Drummond is leading a pair of efforts asking Congress to provide adequate funding to the Crime Victims Fund so states can properly serve victims of crime.

Drummond and 41 attorneys general sent a letter to Congress asking that the Victims of Crime Act of 1984’s Crime Victims Fund (VOCA Fund) be replenished to support crime victims.

“A decline of that magnitude will have devastating consequences for victims of crime,” the letter states. “Without prompt action to support the VOCA Fund, many victim service programs throughout the country may be forced to close, and the victims those programs serve could be left without services and support, endangering their safety and wellbeing. These burdens are likely to fall disproportionately on the most vulnerable victims, including members of rural, underserved, or impoverished communities.”

VOCA Fund has decreased by 41% since 2023 with a $700 million shortfall.

Drummond said short-term funding will sustain services for victims while the fund is replenished by criminal fines.

“Many victims depend on this funding for medical care, legal advocacy, lost wages, and temporary housing,” Drummond said. “Congress needs to ensure that victims of crimes are supported, which is critical for states’ abilities to prosecute criminals and uphold public safety.”