Charlet Ringwald Appointed as Executive Director of Leonardo’s Children’s Museum



Charlet Ringwald was recently appointed the Executive Director of Leonardo’s Children’s Museum in Enid.

Before working at Leonardo’s, Ringwald previously worked at Main Street Enid since 2019 as the Assistant Director and has played a key role in planning the success of events such as First Friday, Holiday on Ice Skating Rink, and the Tri-State Music Festival.

EnidLIVE! recently spoke with Ringwald about her new occupation.

She started by talking about her past as a Leo’s kid.

“This is like a dream come true. I grew up at Leonardo’s, I did a lot of stuff there as a teen,” Ringwald said. “You would go there to visit with your family since it was like the big tourist attraction of Enid, so being able to come full circle and be there and be a part of running the place, it’s just a dream come true.”

Ringwald also talked about her history with Main Street Enid.

“I was the Assistant Director at Main Street Enid for the past four years,” Ringwald said. “We’re the ones who put on the big First Friday Events, Enid Lights Up the Plains, and the Holidays on Ice (Skating) Rink . . . All of the things that are behind the scenes that maybe people don’t see are the things with economic vitality, working together with business owners, a lot of things with design; like the corner nodes, a lot of the murals that have popped up downtown, a lot of it was started by Main Street Enid.”

Ringwald also talked about what Leonardo’s has planned for 2024.

“One of the things . . . I’ve heard from the Board of Directors with our strategic planning was just doing what we do, but just making it bigger and better,” Ringwald said. “We have very great exhibits so maybe doing things where we are able to highlight those a little more . . . We have a great educational annex that we can definitely utilize, so that is a space that we want to activate more. We have really really early stage plans for stuff like that.”