City of Enid Sheds Light on Its Role in New Solar Farm Project


The City of Enid put out a press release on Tuesday to explain several concerns from the public in past weeks involving the Skeleton Creek Solar Farm Project.

The first half of the release focused on easing public concern over how the project would impact Vance Air Force Base.

In addition to reaffirming the city’s commitment to maintaining a strong relationship with the base, the release stated the city underwent a consultation process with the VAFB commander and the Department of Defense Clearinghouse. This consultation process resulted in official letters from both aforementioned entities¬† saying the solar farm would pose no significant threat to VAFB.

The second half of the release clarified the city’s role in the project outside of city limits. The entire solar farm project is being set up outside the Enid city limits, meaning the city’s ability to impact the project in a major way is limited.

Regarding the public anxiety around a potential fire caused by the project, the city clarified that the Enid Fire Department would assist neighboring rural fire departments with any fire that arises, in accordance with response strategies to other fire threats across the city or county.

You can read the press release for yourself here.