Enid Police Department and Loaves and Fishes Talk Money Raised by Guns N Hoses Charity Softball Game


Cowritten by Michael Soucek:


On Friday, May 24th KNID held its 3rd Annual KNID Guns N Hoses Softball game for charity between the Enid Police Department and Enid Fire Department. Thousands attended and over $1000 was raised for Loaves and Fishes and the Oklahoma Burn Survivors Camp while $340.10 was raised for Loaves and Fishes. Enidlive.com spoke with Enid Police Sgt. Tyler Evans, Loaves and Fishes Board member Nubia Torres, and Executive Director Lydia Kelley about the event.

Sergeant Evans was proud to be the team captain for the Guns team for Guns N Hoses. He described the experience of being the captain.

“It was an awesome experience…especially with all the fans in the building.” Evans continued about selecting Loaves and Fishes as the charity of choice: “I was contacted by Nubia…whose newly on the board for Loaves and Fishes. I knew they do good work for the community of Enid as a food bank and giving other supplies to the citizens. I thought it was a good cause to get behind.”

Loaves and Fishes’ Board Executive Lydia Kelley excitedly shared about what the organization does, and how it benefits the community of Enid.

“Loaves and Fishes is a client-choice food pantry set up like a grocery store where anyone facing food insecurity or might have fallen on hard times can come to our agency and they’ll shop. They get a shopping cart and a volunteer who goes around and helps them get food that they can take home to their family.”

Lydia spoke about what type of goods Loves and Fishes need.

“We’re really looking for chunky soups; Cambell’s Chunky (Soup) those are always really popular…any brand really. They’re hearty, and have actual meat and vegetables in them…cereal is always a good thing, it is a pantry staple.”

Find more information at http://www.loavesandfishesnwok.org/