Enid Police Department Arrests Young Couple on Complaints of Aggravated DUI


The Enid Police Department announced yesterday they had arrested a young couple on complaints of aggravated DUI.

Zane Russell, 20, and Joey Lynn Bates, 18, were arrested at roughly 12:18 a.m. on Wednesday morning outside of Fountain Lake Apartments after the couple struck a parked car while sharing the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Both Russell and Bates were booked on aggravated DUI charges, complaints of leaving the scene of an accident with damage, transporting an open container and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

Bates was also booked on a complaint of driving without a license, as she only had a state ID in her possession.

When searching the vehicle, officers found a Ruger pistol in the center console and a nearly empty bottle of Tvarscki vodka on the passenger side floor board. Officers also found a jar of Cannabis inside the vehicle.

The couple claimed that Russell was teaching Bates to drive stick, operating the gear shift and pedals while Bates was handling the steering wheel.

Bates and Russell both submitted to a breath test and each proceeded to record a breath alcohol content that is twice the legal limit for an adult behind the wheel.