EPD Arrests Juveniles for BB Gun Incidents


The Enid Police Department arrested four juvenile males on Monday evening following several 911 calls from residents claiming they were attacked with BB guns.

The four juveniles were booked on felony complaints of assault with a dangerous weapon and have been placed in detention centers outside of Garfield County.

The calls claimed that four juveniles were travelling around the east side of the city in a silver sedan shooting gel-type BBs at residents. The juveniles were reportedly wearing bandanas across their faces.

Officer Joseph Ortiz located the vehicle in a residential driveway in the 700 block of North 13th St. The four teens, three 17-year-olds and one 16-year-old, told officers they were shooting “Orbeez” at fellow students as a part of an ongoing game. None of the victims were the same age as the victims, nor did they attend the same school.

In a statement released earlier today, the EPD cautioned other teens against similar acts and behavior. The statement made it clear that such acts are criminal and can lead to serious injury or harm.