NOC Enid to Host June Planetarium Show on Thursday


Northern Oklahoma College’s Enid campus will have its monthly Planetarium show on Thursday, June 6 at 7 p.m.

This time, Planetarium Director Fritz Osell will present a trip to Saturn and one of its moons: Enceladus. That moon is known to have an ocean beneath a crust of ice.

Osell released a statement regarding the night show.

“We will show visitors our night sky from Enid and point out stars having known planetary systems,” said Osell. “You will be quite surprised at how many stars have planets. We will also demonstrate to visitors how to gain access to remotely operated telescopes in the Canary Islands and in Chile.”

All shows are free to attend, but non-perishable food donations will be  accepted. All proceeds will go to Our Daily Bread.