Enid, OK
Mostly Cloudy
Feels like 40°.
Humidity: 64% Dew Point: 35°
Clouds: 81% Pressure: 30.04 in
Wind: NW 15 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 2:41pm
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47 35
Possible light rain in the evening.
60%   67%
7:09   6:23
44 27
Clear throughout the day.
17%   30%
7:08   6:24
58 27
Clear throughout the day.
4%   20%
7:07   6:25

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(Choctaw, OK) Choctaw, Oklahoma native Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes has been named one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Energy lists. Founding Black Mountain Metals, she’s raised 75 million dollars to mine... Read More.
(Oklahoma City, OK) Police have responded to a shooting at a gun range in Oklahoma City where one man is dead. Initial word coming from the OKCPD is that the gun shot wound was... Read More.
(Enid, OK) The Enid Police Department is looking for information on a shooting that took place on the night of February, 19th at approximately nine o'clock. Officers responded to a shots fired call in... Read More.
(Wakita, OK) Grant and Garfield County authorities combined for the arrest of a 37-year-old Enid man Wednesday morning after learning he was at a residence in Wakita. Grant County Sheriff Scott Sterling... Read More.
(Enid, OK) A 61-year-old Lamont woman told Enid police she spent about $10,000 of her mother's money, accruing more than $50,000 in outstanding charges at the nursing home where the 81-year-old stayed.... Read More.
(Enid, OK) City of Enid street officials announced today the crack seal roadway project will resume on West James Avenue from North Pierce Street to North Johnson Street beginning Thursday, February 20,... Read More.
(Oklahoma City, OK) Oklahomans are about to gain access to additional groundwater that can be used for industrial, commercial, agricultural and (to a limited extent) domesticated purposes. On Tuesday, members... Read More.
(Enid, OK) Enid Public Schools announced tentative dates for citywide open houses, inviting local residents to come and tour Adams Elementary School, Longfellow Middle School, Enid High School and Fowler Early Childhood... Read More.

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