Medford Cardinals Head Football Coach Blake Lamle Talks Spring Practices


EnidLIVE! sat down with the Medford Cardinals Head Football Coach Blake Lamle to talk about how the team is holding up during spring practice. Lamle started off by talking about how the practices have been going and what they are implementing.

“Well, it’s completely different for us. I know probably big schools…(it)’s more like a practice. For us, obviously, we can’t bring the eighth graders up yet, because OSA won’t allow it and so it’s just our ninth through 11th grade guys,” Lamle said. “We basically just try to go three or four days and make sure we are sound, offensively; this year was a lot easier with so many people returning. Defensively, we just kinda make sure we go over our alinements, that kind of stuff.”

Coach was happy to share how the team’s spirits are doing, and what the kids are up to during the spring.

“They’re excited, but also, being in a small school our kids do so many things—not just sport-related—in the spring. Y’know, ag, and band, academic contests,” Lamle said.” We’re giving them until the first Monday in June before we start to pride ourselves.”

The Medford Cardinals will be returning star Quarterback Ethan Gonzalez who missed most of his Sophomore year with an injury. Medford will be in Class C District 3 next year with Bluejacket, Copan, Deer Creek-Lamont, Oaks Mission, South Coffeyville, Watts, and Welch.