OBA Head Football Coach Chris Cayot Talks Offseason


CTB Sports spoke with the Oklahoma Bible Academy Head Football Coach Chris Cayot about their offseason. Coach Cayot spoke about what the Trojans were up to in their spring practices.

“Spring practice wise…just trying to line up right, defensively and offensively. Defensively, knowing what our reads are, know where we’re supposed to fit, whether for a returning game or past game,” Cayot said. “Offensively, learning and relearning formations, not putting anything new in the coaching staff.”

The Trojans went 11-2 last, year but will lose several seniors and have a young team next season. The Trojans are in Class B-2 and are in District 2 with Pond-Creek-Hunter, Covington-Douglas, Coyle, Kremlin-Hillsdale, and Wesleyan Christian.