Lawsuit against Cowboys QB Dak Prescott dropped in Dallas County, countersuit filed in Collin County


DALLAS COUNTY – Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is no longer facing a sexual assault lawsuit in Dallas County.

A judge signed off on dropping the lawsuit from Prescott’s accuser on April 16.

Court documents obtained by CBS News Texas show the case has been dismissed without prejudice, meaning the current case against Prescott has ended, but allows for the case to be refiled in the future.

After this story was published, Yoel Zehaie, an attorney for the accuser, clarified that they withdrew their lawsuit in Dallas County with plans to refile it in Collin County. Prescott filed a countersuit in Collin County, claiming his accuser is trying to extort him for $100 million.

In that lawsuit, Prescott is seeking $1 million from his accuser.  

A counterclaim was filed in Collin County on April 16 by the plaintiff’s attorney, Yoel Zehaie.    

The woman who filed the lawsuit accused Prescott of assaulting her in a strip club parking lot in 2017, after his rookie season with the Cowboys.

The woman claims Prescott invited her out with two members of his “entourage” and other women to an establishment in Plano, later getting into a black SUV where Prescott allegedly exposed himself and “used physical force and sexually assaulted” her.

Prescott has denied the allegations, his lawyers calling them “patently false” and “heinous” with “no basis in reality.”

“As we have said from the beginning – the ridiculous claims [the plaintiff] and her team came up with are completely false and criminal. In Texas, it’s against the law to shake down someone for any amount of money – and this is just that – a shake down,” his attorney said in a statement.

We reported their criminal behavior to the Prosper Police Department and have been fully cooperative with them. When [the plaintiff] doubled down on her false claim of sexual assault and reported it to the Dallas Police Department, we proactively reached out to cooperate with them as well. Dak has nothing to hide – he did nothing wrong. He has and will continue to fully cooperate with any investigation, knowing the truth is on his side.”