Super fans deep love for the Dallas Mavericks fuels her passion for the community


PLANO – When Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano isn’t keeping its founder busy, Cheryl Jackson has another passion to pursue – her deep love for the Dallas Mavericks.


CBS News Texas

“Anything I can do, wear, say, scream, yell,” says the super fan.

With the team in the NBA Finals, she’s been dressed head to toe in her Mavericks gear with a personalized jersey, dangling Mavs earrings and an oversized ball cap.

“I started asking some of the players to sign it and before I knew it, I had the entire team,” she said.

Jackson owns replicas of the team’s 2011 NBA Championship rings and trophy.

She even has the shoes Kyrie Irving wore the night the Mavericks clinched their spot in the Western Conference Finals and made a necklace out of one.

“He walked over to sign an autograph for me and I said, ‘The shoes!’,” she recalls. “He took off the shoes and handed them to me. And I just went crazy.”

Jackson grew up in a family of Lakers fans, but found herself instinctively drawn to the home team from a young age.

“I grew up ‘Let’s Go, Mavs’ in my head,” she said.

It was a dream come true for Jackson to see the Mavericks play in Boston. She’ll be cheering them back here at home now too.

“I love just the game of basketball. I love the competition,” said Jackson.

kyrie-shoe.png Cheryl Jackson has the shoes Kyrie Irving wore the night the Dallas Mavericks clinched their spot in the Western Conference Finals.

CBS News Texas

It’s not all that different, she says, from what fuels her work at the food pantry.

“My passion is just community, just people, rooting for the underdog,” said Jackson. “I just love the fight in them.”

She’s hoping, though, she won’t be able to call them underdogs much longer.

“I’m still gonna root for them… I feel like I’d be the reason,” she said. “Because of my voice.”