Texas Rangers fans ready for first season following World Series championship


ARLINGTON — Texas Rangers fans have championship expectations even though the season opener hasn’t been played.

“Hopefully, getting off to a hot start,” Johnny Trevino said. “Run it back again.”

Trevino attended Monday night’s spring training game against the Boston Red Sox. His friend Eric Mendoza is on Boston’s side.

“First, it’s Boston. Then it’s Texas,” Mendoza said. “After that, everybody can hate the Yankees. We can all agree on that.”

The match allowed fans to think about what the season could hold for the Rangers. 

“Get me to October,” Sydney Obert said.

Obert has been friends with Cynthia Harris for a year. The two have opposing choices for every professional sports team in Dallas except the Dallas Cowboys.

The two sat side-by-side. Harris is confident the Rangers will make another run.

“You have to be confident,” Harris said.

 Harris joked that adult beverages are the key to coping with her Red Sox-loving friend. Obert said a healthy dose of trash-talking helps, too. They also acknowledge who is wearing the crown on the field.

“Recently, the Rangers,” Obert said.

Ceri Samuel and Jess Harris came to the Globe Life Field with different expectations.

“We’re in Texas, and there’s only one team: Texas,” Samuel said.

The couple traveled more than 4600 miles from Wales to visit Texas. On their agenda was coming to see the World Series champs play.

“I’ve never seen a baseball game,” Samuel said. “So, this is my first game.”

For them, that hope was met.