Why California has blackouts: A look at the power grid

(NEW YORK) -- In August 2020, hundreds of thousands of Californians briefly lost power in rolling blackouts amid a heat wave, marking the first time outages were ordered in the state due to insufficient energy supplies in nearly 20 years.The state has been working... Read More.

Puerto Ricans fear blackouts during hurricane season

(SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico) -- With the peak of hurricane season less than two months away, many Puerto Ricans are concerned about the stability of the island’s electric grid -- a problem-plagued system that left millions without power during Hurricane Maria.After suffering multiple natural... Read More.

OG&E Begins Blackouts Statewide, Enid Among Cities Affected

(Enid, OK) OG&E have begun its rolling blackouts, across the state, to reduce demand on their systems. Southwest Power Pool delivered the message for the service interruptions with Enid, Woodward and Hennessey are among the cities and towns that will be affected. Interruptions could last... Read More.