Megadeth reunites with Marty Friedman during Japan show

Megadeth reunited with former guitarist Marty Friedman during their show at Tokyo's famed Budokan venue Monday.The concert, which streamed live online, marked the first time Friedman has played with Dave Mustaine and company since leaving Megadeth in 2000. According to

US skier Kyle Smaine killed in avalanche in Japan

(NEW YORK) -- Kyle Smaine, a U.S. professional skier who was the halfpipe gold medalist in the 2015 world championships, died Sunday in an avalanche in Japan, according to his wife and a fellow skier who was also caught in the snow.Smaine, 31, was... Read More.

North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan

(NEW YORK, TOKYO and SEOUL) -- North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan early on Tuesday morning, the Japanese Ministry of Defense said.South Korea and the U.S. conducted a joint strike package flight and precision bombing drill in response to the ballistic missile... Read More.

Strong earthquake felt in Japan, tsunami threat issued

(NEW YORK) -- A strong earthquake struck off the coast of Japan late Wednesday, triggering a tsunami threat and leaving more than 2 million households without electricity, officials said.Preliminary reports put it at a 7.3 magnitude. The earthquake occurred just off the coast from... Read More.