Final book from Rush’s Neil Peart coming in May

The final book from Rush’s Neil Peart is coming in May.Silver Surfers focuses on Peart’s lifelong passion for cars, with Rush sharing on Instagram, “[I]n his final literary creation, he writes about his beloved Silver Surfers collection; the joy of collecting these exquisite, rare, and... Read More.

Rush’s Alex Lifeson launches new Lerxst Limelight guitar

Rush’s Alex Lifeson is launching a new guitar. The rocker’s company Lerxst, a partnership with Mojotone, has just debuted the new Limelight guitar, created in partnership with Godin Guitars.The new axe is inspired by Lifeson’s mid-'80s guitar, the Hentor Sportscaster, which he started using before recording Rush's... Read More.

Rush’s Alex Lifeson launches new amp line

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson is helping fellow guitarists sound better. The rocker has just launched a new line of amplifiers handcrafted by Mojotone. The line, LERXST, features hand-built guitar amps and cabinets inspired by Lifeson’s five-decade career, offering players “a versatile tonal platform upon which to build their... Read More.

Rush’s Geddy Lee Talks About Lost Demos

Rush's Geddy Lee has accompanied his new memoir, "My 'Effin Life," with some new music. In conjunction with the book's Nov. 14 publication, lee released two demos -- "Gone" and "I Am...You Are" -- that were intended for his 2000 solo album "My Favorite... Read More.