The labor market is booming and these jobs are growing the most

(NEW YORK) -- The job market is booming, despite headline-grabbing layoffs at tech behemoths like Amazon and Google.As illustrated by that contrast in fortunes, however, the hiring surge hasn't been distributed equally. For waiters and bartenders, job boards are lighting up; for computer programmers,... Read More.

The prices of these products have dropped, defying high inflation

(NEW YORK) -- Inflation has eased in recent months but remains sky-high, especially for some household items like eggs and flour.Price hikes for other products, however, have not only slowed but reversed altogether, offering much-needed relief for buyers, government data released this week showed.Used... Read More.

These tech companies have imposed major layoffs in 2022

(NEW YORK) -- A rude awakening for the tech industry this year has triggered a slew of layoffs at major companies.Sales at top tech firms have retreated from the blistering pace attained during the pandemic, when billions across the world were forced into isolation.... Read More.