Malaysia may reopen MH370 search pending new evidence, government ministry says


(NEW YORK) — Government officials in Malaysia said on Sunday they’d be open to resuming the search for Malaysian Airlines MH370 after a private company approached them about potential new evidence pointing to the location of the Boeing 777.

“The Malaysian Government’s position is consistent,” officials said in a statement. “We will commission a further search operation when new information and credible evidence is ascertained.”

The flight disappeared after taking off from Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 2014. Twelve crew members and 227 passengers were on board when the plane went missing.

The Malaysian Transportation Ministry on Sunday said it had been approached by Ocean Infinity, a Texas-based company, about reopening the search. It was not immediately clear what new information Ocean Infinity may have about the missing plane.

Malaysia would reopen the search “when new information and credible evidence is ascertained,” the ministry said in a statement.

“[T]he Ministry of Transport are ready to invite Ocean Infinity to Malaysia to discuss the proposal of a no-fine, no-fee proposal,” the statement said. “We are waiting for Ocean Infinity to provide the suitable dates, and I will meet them any time that they are ready to come to Malaysia.”

ABC News has contacted Ocean Infinity for comment.

ABC News’ Joe Simonetti and Dragana Jovanovic contributed to this story.

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