Andrew Scott Walks Away From Reporter When Asked About Barry Keoghan


A clip of Andrew Scott walking away from an interview with BBC correspondent Colin Paterson at the BAFTAs on Sunday (February 18th) is going viral. Paterson is facing backlash after he asked the All of Us Strangers actor, who is gay, about Barry Keoghan’s penis.

Instead of asking Scott about All of Us Strangers, which was nominated for six awards that night, Paterson says in the clip, “Do you know Barry well?” Not knowing where the interview was going, the Fleabag actor replied, “Yes! I know Barry, yeah!”

“OK, your reaction when you first saw the naked dance scene at the end of Saltburn?” Paterson asked him. Laughing yet visible uncomfortable, Scott responded, “It’s great, it’s great … I won’t spoil it for anybody.”

Then Paterson said, “There was a lot of talk about prosthetics. How well do you know him?” Following this question, the Saving Private Ryan actor, still smiling, held his hand up at him and walked away.