Enid, OK
Feels like 87°.
Humidity: 71% Dew Point: 72°
Clouds: 2% Pressure: 29.76 in
Wind: S 13 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 12:07am
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98 72
Rain in the evening.
58%   20%
6:16   8:48
98 68
Clear throughout the day.
10%   21%
6:16   8:48
96 73
Clear throughout the day.
1%   5%
6:15   8:49

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(Enid, OK) After a tense back and forth, the city of Enid has officially decided to follow the governor's reopening plan, essentially skipping their self imposed phase two. A 4 to 3 vote finalized... Read More.
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(Enid, OK) Tuesday's city commissioners meeting will have a full agenda as City Manager Jerald Gilbert recommends that the city of Enid proceed to phase three of the COVID-19 reopening plan. This is one... Read More.
(Oklahoma City, OK) On Monday, June 1st, Black Lives Matter leaders called for the resignation of Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley along with an immediate meeting with Mayor David Holt. “We demand an apology... Read More.
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(Enid, OK) Authorities are asking for the public's help in regard to theft of two portable restrooms from Troy's Portables located on West Spruce. The theft was reported on May 22nd when the owner found... Read More.

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