‘The Beekeeper’ Takes Top Spot From ‘Mean Girls’ At The Domestic Box Office


The Beekeeper stole the domestic box office crown from Mean Girls over the weekend, following the musical remake’s two-week reign. However, it was only by a slim margin, as the film brought in $7.4 million compared to Mean Girls at $7.3 million. According to Deadline, it was once again a slow weekend overall.

Box Office Numbers from Friday (January 26th) through Sunday (January 28th):

1. The Beekeeper, $7.4 million
2. Mean Girls, $7.3 million
3. Wonka, $5.9 million
4. Migration, $5.15 million
5. Anyone But You, $4.8 million
6. Fighter, $3.74 million
7. Poor Things, $3.04 million
8. American Fiction, $2.89 million
9. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, $2.82 million
10. Godzilla Minus One, $2.6 million