Bruce Dickinson Solo Tour May Happen Next Year


Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson recently released a solo album called The Mandrake Project and is now planning a tour for next year.

He recently brought in booking agents to a concert, to show them what he’s all about. In an interview posted by, he said: “Now they know what they’ve got to deal with in terms of doing a U.S. tour. So, we’re looking at it, we’re planning it.”

Born in England, he said he “absolutely wants to do a full U.S. tour” to promote the new album. He continued: “I obviously can’t do one for the rest of this year due to commitments in other parts of the world and Maiden’s upcoming touring activities, but there’s 2025, and there’s numerous opportunities that will crop up.”

Dickinson made his recording debut with Iron Maiden in 1982 on the Number Of The Beast, album. He quit the band in 1993, to pursue a solo career.

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