HARDY shares life advice at MTSU commencement speech: “Self-confidence is fuel for success”


Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) alum HARDY got candid about life in his commencement speech at the college’s recent graduation ceremony.

Addressing over 2,400 students as a keynote speaker, HARDY reminisced about his MTSU days and shared an anecdote about how a chance songwriting opportunity in 2016 with then-newcomer Morgan Wallen catapulted his career and earned him several #1 hits.

“The point that I’m trying to make is this: don’t be afraid to say yes to an opportunity just because you don’t think you’ll see an immediate result. You never know where your successes may come from,” shares HARDY. “In layman’s terms, take a chance on things, take a chance on people, take a chance on yourself. The word ‘yes’ can truly change your life.”

“Let’s talk about the word ‘no’ for a minute,” HARDY continues. 

“Never be afraid to say no. Stand up for yourself when the time comes. And if your gut is ever telling you to stand up for yourself, go with your gut every single time. And when you do that, you gain pride. And when you have pride, you gain self-confidence, and self-confidence is fuel for success,” the “ONE BEER” singer says.

On imposter syndrome, HARDY also shared, “Never fight your success. No matter what thoughts may cross your mind, know that you deserve the success that you’re experiencing and that you’ve earned every single bit of that. Embody that and relish in the fact that you work hard and you’re reaping the benefits of your hard work and when you do that, you’ll succeed even more.”

You can watch HARDY’s full commencement speech now on Instagram.

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