Lanco’s “Near Mrs.” video celebrates their personal stories with real-life family video footage


In their new song, “Near Mrs.,” the members of Lanco reflect on the relationships that were almost the right fit, but didn’t quite stand the test of time.

That winding road of trial, error and heartbreak is what eventually led all five bandmates to their current partners. That lasting love at the end of the “Near Mrs.” will be the spotlight of the song’s music video, which arrives this afternoon.

“We wanted to heighten the last line of the chorus, ‘I would have missed out on you,’ and show off exactly who that person is to us,” explains lead vocalist Brandon Lancaster. “Looking back on everything from late-night hangs, weddings and babies…we have so much to be grateful for and this video represents that. This is something really special for our close-knit family to have in years to come.”

It’s an especially appropriate time to highlight family milestones, as two members of the band — bassist Chandler Baldwin and drummer Tripp Howell — are both expecting their first children in May. 

Brandon and his wife, Tiffany, also became first-time parents to daughter Elora Ivelle in September. 

The “Near Mrs.” music video will premiere on YouTube directly following a YouTube Live Q&A with the band today at 5:30PM CT.

By Carena Liptak
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