Harry Styles responds to rumors that he’s balding


Harry Styles finally responded to the conspiracy theory that he’s secretly bald — and he’s just as confused as we are.

To recap, TikTok influencer Abigail Henry spread the rumor last month after reading a Reddit thread claiming an “A list musician/ occasional actor… has gone almost completely bald.” Henry believed Harry was the mystery celebrity because he once boasted about being able to escape public notice very easily — and, as she said, what could be easier than removing a toupee?

As it turns out, the hair on Harry’s head is, in fact, the real deal.

“What is it with baldness?” he asked Rolling Stone. “It skips a generation or something, right? If your grandad’s bald then you’ll be bald? Well, my granddad wasn’t bald, so fingers crossed.”

The “As It Was” singer first learned about the rumor from his friend and collaborator Kid Harpoon. “He’s completely obsessed with it,” Harry said. “He won’t stop sending me messages about [people] trying to work out if I’m bald.”

Speaking of viral trends, Harry also responded to how loudly people sing the “leave America” line when he’s performing “As It Was.” Multiple TikTok videos show the audience belting the line at the top of their lungs.

“They’re definitely reaching some decibels,” the Grammy winner joked. “It seems to be getting louder and louder right as I’m about to head back to tour America. So I’m intrigued as to what exactly will be shouted at that section when I’m in America.”

Harry got his answer — he’s currently performing in New York City for a Madison Square Garden residency and, apparently, the line hasn’t caught on in the states. In a viral TikTok video posted by iraiaaa.27, Harry seems stunned when no one shouts the line and he laughs while walking away from the microphone. 


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