Enid Police Department Discusses Teen Driving


The Enid Police Department recently released a statement regarding teen driving.

They stated that teen drivers have a higher rate of fatal crashes due to their immaturity, lack of driving experience and skill. Bad habits shared by the majority of teenage drivers include speeding, being easily distracted and making mistakes more often.

All 50 states now have a three-stage graduated driver licensing system that limits high-risk driving for new drivers. This can reduce crash risk by up to 50% for new drivers.

Some important rules for teen drivers to follow consist of the following:

  • Restrict night driving
  • Use seatbelts at all times
  • Inform them about the dangers of drug and alcohol use, especially while driving

Oklahoma has a strict zero-tolerance law making underage drinking and driving a criminal offense. Violation of the law will result in license revocation if any alcohol is found with an under-21-year-old driver.

Remind your teen drivers that driving is a skill that requires the driver’s full attention; dialing a phone number while driving increases the crash rate six-fold, and texting also significantly increases those chances.