Enid Police Department Releases Statement Regarding Sleep-Deprived Driving


The Enid Police Department released a statement regarding the negative effects of sleep fatigue and driving.

Due to work constraints, long commutes and technological advances in our society today, we are sleeping less than ever; and with this, people are driving drowsy more frequently. Drowsiness can cause vehicle crashes, workplace accidents and health consequences.

Drowsy driving crashes happen most frequently between midnight to 6 a.m., and the late afternoon. They often involve only one driver with no passengers to keep them awake. Drowsiness-related crashes frequently happen on rural roads and long stretches of highways.

Dealing with drowsy driving would require fundamentally changing societal norms of work, but for now, here are some ways to circumvent drowsiness/drowsy driving:

  • Getting adequate sleep is a good start; we need about seven to eight hours each night.
  • Avoid drinking any alcohol before driving. Besides the obvious, alcohol can also increase drowsiness.
  • Check over-the-counter medications to see if side effects include drowsiness.
  • Drinking coffee can help, but should not be relied on.
  • If you are experiencing drowsy driving, drink two cups of coffee, pull into a designated rest area, and take a small nap.

Over 6,000 people die annually due to drowsy driving, getting enough sleep at night will aid in diminishing this count.