Randy Don Porter
1962 - 2024

In the quiet Kansas town where the prairie winds whisper tales of yore, Medicine Lodge cradled a soul named Randy "Randell" Don Porter. Born as summer unfurled its warm embrace on June 22, 1962, Randy's journey wove through the fabric of time until the stars called him home on March 25, 2024, in the heart of Houston's vast sprawl.

Like an enduring oak, Randy rooted himself in the rich soil of life's labors, lending his strength to Clark’s Oil Services, Hamm & Phillips, to the rolling fields with Farmland Trucking, and the steady roads with CHS Trucking. The hallowed halls of Medicine Lodge High School bore witness to his graduation in the Class of 1980, his laughter echoing in the corridors long past the turning of his tassel.

Though his schooling bore no collegiate seal, Randy was a scholar of the "College of life," where wisdom is measured not in papers, but in kindness, tenacity, and the breadth of one's heart. In the Methodist faith, Randy found a sanctuary, a haven of spiritual solace that cradled his soul through seasons of joy and tribulations alike.

Randy's life tapestry, rich in hues of love and familial bonds, is cherished by his beloved wife, JoAnn, and their daughters Candice, Micha, and Misty—the love for BANDIT and feline furry animals the stars in his earthly sky, together with the joyful twinkling of grandchildren Jesse, JJ, Vincent, and Frankie. The tender embrace of nephew Kelly and memories of those who journeyed ahead—Sherlock, Ronald, Ralph, Doris, Wendell, Tonya, and Ruth—enfold him in a familial constellation of eternal love.

In the quiet hours, the world faded away to the sounds of a roaring Harley, the thunderous cheers for OU football, and the precious laughter of young Jesse—each moment a verse in the poem of his life. Randy's soul, a passionate flame, danced to the rhythm of revving engines, each ride a stanza of freedom.

As the final sun sets, gather 'round the Stittsworth Memory Chapel, where the echoes of Randy's life will resonate on Thursday, April 4, 2024, at 2:00 pm. Pastor Gale Taylor will weave the eulogy, a tender ode to a life so boldly lived. Amidst the verdant embrace of Memorial Park Cemetery, Randy shall rest alongside his mother, beneath t

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