Motorola relaunching its iconic Razr flip phone


Motorola(NEW YORK) — Motorola is bringing back its iconic Razr flip phone in 2020, but with a price tag of $1,500.The phone that was the envy of every teen in the early 2000s will still possess the satisfying flip feature, but this time with a 6.2” touch screen that can close itself in half.The revamped phone will also feature two displays: meaning you can view and respond to notifications, take pictures and more while the phone is folded closed. You can also flip it open to access the full display for reading articles or watching movies.The Android phone boasts a 16-megapixel camera with “built-in artificial intelligence” and includes a portrait mode feature to help you take better photos.The Razr will only be available on Verizon to start and pre-orders begin Dec. 26. The phones will hit stores nationwide on Jan. 9, 2020. It’s priced at $1,499.99.While the Razr’s shape and design may be nostalgic, foldable and touch-screen smartphones have popped up recently such as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X. Copyright © 2019, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.