Officials concerned for pigeon spotted wearing a small sombrero


mkirarslan/iStock(RENO, Nev.) — City officials in Reno, Nevada, have warned residents who see pigeons wearing hats that there’s more than meets the eye. “While quirky or fun, it’s still inhumane,” City Manager Sabra Newby, who posted the photo on her Twitter page, said in a statement to ABC Reno affiliate KOLO-TV. “The birds suffered when this exact thing happened last year in Las Vegas. One of them recently died. We don’t want copycats.”

So I’m out in the field on a ride along with parking enforcement, and what do I see? It appears to be a pigeon with a sombrero….

— Sabra Newby (@sabrasireen) January 15, 2020

“Washoe County Animal Services said this is the first known instance of something like this in the area,” KOLO reported. As of now, animal services have asked the public’s help to track down the pigeon and prompted residents to call dispatch if the bird is spotted again, the station said.Newby, who has not returned ABC News’ request for comment, also asked others to notify animal control if they see the hat-wearing bird. A couple months back, a similar situation surfaced over 400 miles away in Las Vegas.The video that was first shared on Twitter went viral but quickly sparked concerns over the birds’ well being.On Sunday, the Facebook group Lofty Hopes shared an update that one of the cowboy pigeons from Las Vegas has died.It is unclear if the incidents are related or who is behind them. Washoe County Animal Services did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment. Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.