After the success of ‘Bumblebee’, Paramount rolling out two new ‘Transformers’ movies


Paramount Pictures(LOS ANGELES) — Paramount is revving up two new Transformers films, in a continuation of a franchise that has made nearly $5 billion at the global box office.

The franchise that saw success with four big-budget, bombastic Michael Bay-fronted films took a different tack with 2018’s Bumblebee, a smaller-budgeted film starring Hailee Steinfeld that was a coming-of-age story that just so happened to co-star the titular Transformer.

While the movie pulled in a franchise-low of $460 million worldwide, its smaller budget and critical acclaim — both rare for a movie about transforming robots — scored the film as a success. 

The two new films are set in the Transformers universe, but only one will be directly connected to the Bumblebee story, according to Deadline

The trade reports one film is being written by Murder Mystery’s James Vanderbilt, and centers on the transforming animal robot animated series Transformers: Beast Wars. 

The other film, based on the Bumblebee universe, is reportedly being fronted by Joby Harold, an executive producer on John Wick: Chapter Three — Parabellum.

Both films will reportedly feature all-new casts.  No directors of release dates have yet been announced.

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