(Enid, OK) Garfield County Commissioners met yesterday for their weekly meeting, AT&T representatives talked about converting the current phone and internet systems within the courthouse. A new system that would allow the county to keep their current analog phones while provide for faster internet and a more digital presence is an option, as is a complete overhaul of the phones themselves. Commissioners will be meeting with Pioneer Cellular for a similar presentation, and will compare pricing between the two.

The road crossing application from Bluestern Pipeline, LLC was approved after presenting the board with a bond that would ensure financial security in the event the pipeline was sold or no longer in use by Bluestern. Floodplain Permits from ONEOK were also approved.

The board had it’s monthly meeting with director of IT Mikel Armitage, approving use of the Courthouse Lawn and Gazebo for “Child Abuse Prevention Month, and officially signed documentation promoting Farm Bureau week.

Commissioners also approved cash fund estimate of needs for Highway, Rural Fire-Sales Tax, and transfer of appropriation for Sheriff’s Service Fee.