(Enid, OK) Reports of an illegally operated drone near Vance Air Force Base caused the Enid Police Department to shut down flight operations. Vance Air Force Base’s public affairs released a statement saying that the drone was spotted by a pilot at approximately 1,500 feet off the ground, where a T-38 came within 1,000 feet of the drone. The pilot was said to have been able to see it as he flew past.

After reporting the drone back to the base, EPD was informed of the incident and a report was made to the Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command.

“Enid Police Department received a call a 2 p.m. from Vance Air Force Base officials concerning a drone flying in the area of Chisholm High School and Golden Oaks Senior Living within the flight path of Vance Air Force Base aircraft,” Holtzclaw said. “The drone was spotted about 1,500 feet in the air, well above the the legal altitude for small, unmanned drones.”

Vance Air Force Base was forced to halt flight operations for nearly two hours resulting in lost opportunities in practice and training.

Drone flying is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of Vance Air Force Base as the statement reiterated, “Flying a drone near a military installation is prohibited by the FAA, it endangers the lives of our aircrews and the citizens we fly over.”