It’s time for Championship Sunday at the Wheat Capital Tournament! For the 52nd time in its remarkable history, both a boys and girls team will be crowned Wheat Capital Tournament Champion. All games today can be heard on My 95.7 KXLS. The action kicks off at 9:30 AM, and then there will be games all day long capped off by the Girls Championship game at 6:30 PM, followed by the boys Championship Game at 8:00 PM. All final scores will be updated below!

Game 1: Blackwell Girls vs OKC Lady Knights – 9:30 AM

39-13, Blackwell def. OKC Lady Knights

Game 2: Alva vs Blackwell Boys – 11:00 AM

55-20, Alva def Blackwell

Game 3: Woodward vs Alva Girls – 12:30 PM


Game 4: Perry vs Woodward Boys – 2:00 PM

72-58, Woodward def. Perry

Game 5: Garber vs Chisholm Girls – 3:30 PM

60-54 Garber def, Chisholm

Game 6: Tecumseh vs Chisholm Boys – 5:00 PM

55-51, Chisholm def. Tecumseh

Game 7: Perry vs Kingfisher Girls – 6:30 PM

53-41, Perry def. Kingfisher

Perry Lady Maroons wins the 2021 Wheat Capital Tournament (Girls Bracket)

Game 8: Kingfisher Boys vs OKC Knights – 8:00 PM

97-49, Kingfisher def. OKC

Kingfisher Yellowjackets wins the 2021 Wheat Capital Tournament (Boys Bracket)